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The Italian gelato producer RivaReno masterfully reinterprets the best recipes of the Italian gelato tradition. Crafted fresh everyday, RivaRenogelato comes in many different flavours characterised by the delicious milk and cream from the Italian Valle Stura’s pastures.

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A classic flavour, reinterpreted by the Italian gelato laboratorio RivaReno using a blend of pure Indonesian Arabic coffee with dark chocolate chips: it is like drinking an excellent coffee sprinkled with a whirl of a delicious praline.


The Italian gelato laboratorio RivaReno uses only Sicilian sheep ricotta, candied oranges and citrons and a few drops of Strega liquor to make this traditional Sicilian gelato flavour.

Dark chocolate

A flavour prepared with the best African cocoas (Zaire and Ivory Coast), toasted and produced in the Netherlands.

Extra-dark chocolate

Crafted only with the chocolate from Madagascar. We have created it for extra-noir lovers in our Italian gelato laboratorio RivaReno. It leaves a pleasing smoky aftertaste in the mouth.

Custard cream

The Italian gelato laboratorio RivaReno rediscovers the typical flavour of custard cream and combines it with a light MadagascarBourbon vanilla flavour, to make you discover the ancient taste of tradition.


Let your summer be filled with exotic flavours! Produced during the warmest months, the coconut milk and coconut chips from Sri Lanka make sure this gelato crafted fresh every day will quench your thirst during the warm summer days.

Fior di panna

Details make the difference: that’s why we add the Italian Alpine milk and cream rich taste with a slight note of Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, one of the finest in the world. Savour its delicate but persistent flavour!

Gianduia (chocolate hazelnut).

Chocolate meets the intense flavour of hazelnuts to create one of our signature flavours: be seduced by the long-lasting taste of Gianduiotto and the special texture of our gelato crafted fresh every day.


At our Italian gelato laboratorio RivaReno, we want to offer our customers only the best. For this reason we use only liquorice from Abruzzi, the Italian region known for its ancient tradition in liquorice cultivation. This is a very refreshing flavour that goes well with every fruit flavour.

Marron glacé

This gelato flavour is aimed at those who appreciate the unique and unmistakable Italian Piedmontese marron (chestnut) glacé’s taste, which RivaReno skilfully mixes with chestnut cream from Agrimontana, a historical Cuneo-based company, leader in candied fruits production.


A classic flavour prepared in the gelato laboratorio RivaReno with 100% Italian products. We use only the best Piedmontese hazelnuts, namely the “Tonde Gentili Trilobate”, from farms on hill tops, where the sun shines for longer hours. There, thanks to the long exposure to the sun light, the hazelnuts obtain an intense and long lasting aromatic flavour.


Our pistachio gelato crafted fresh every day is unique thanks to its intense flavour. The quality and taste of pistachios typically varies from harvest to harvest. To make sure we always offer a rich and constant flavour, RivaReno uses an exclusive blend prepared with the best Sicilian pistachios (from 25% to 75%) blending it with Syrian, Turkish or Iranian pistachios, depending on the year’s harvest.

Dark chocolate sorbet

RivaReno produces this sorbet without using milk or its derivatives. Suitable for vegans, this delicious, bittersweet sorbet tastes just like a refreshing dark chocolate bar.

Stracciatella (chocolate chip gelato)

A classic flavour, always delicious and amazing. Gelato crafted fresh every day with Italian Alpine whole milk, fresh cream, a bit of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla and a sprinkle of dark chocolate chips.


The Italian gelato laboratorio RivaReno prepares this typical Italian dessert using a selection of Piedmont’s nougats, mainly the ones with hazelnuts.

Bourbon vanilla

Vanilla species are varied. The lovers of this spice will discern the best Bourbon Vanilla from Madagascar in this gelato crafted fresh every day.


This light and healthy summer speciality is the perfect match with seasonal fresh fruit, which our fresh craftedgelato makes even more unique.


If you want to rediscover all the typical flavours of Italy’s best sweet traditions, the gelato laboratorio RivaReno offers a flavour with the predominant taste of the egg yolk, with the best Marsala Vergine Soleras wine produced by Cantine Pellegrino, a historic Sicilian company, famous for the production of the finest dessert wine.

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